Special ideas for unique events....

If you want to avoid an ordinary christening, wedding or party, Mona Lisa has plenty ideas for your special event.

The theme party is our first proposal with no limits of time, place and style. All we have to do is to free our minds and give shape and soul to our ideas.

Mona Lisa decor has organised successfully in the past, theme birthday parties, adults' parties, weddings and christenings.

Today we would like to propose you another unique idea:
Party on board!!!

At http://www.monalisa.gr/reception_offers_gr.html you will find all the useful information you may need, always with the various decoration ideas by Mona Lisa decor.
At the link "special suggestions" you will also find a new proposal about a special venue at the Kalabaka village. It is a beautiful hotel in the middle of the forest, where you can enjoy sports like riding, rafting, hiking etc.




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