Mona Lisa



Mona Lisa Decor is a co-operator of Astir Palace since 2007, and has created for the hotel and its clients, romantic nights, unique decorations, wax candles and gifts according to the Star wood's special requirements.
The weddings that take place at the hotel, except for the fantastic sea view, the luxury equipment and the quality of the service, they made us consider the architecture of the space thus for the external venue as for the interior.
Landscape and colors are combined so as our intervention to give an harmonic result.
In Christmas there were flower arrangements with warm colors of wood, green Orhids, red roses, and white candles among small cinnamons.
The vernal Easter's dinner was colorful with sensitive flowers like Neragoules and the odoriferous Fresies.
So Mona Lisa succeed to create a brilliant, warm and romantic dinner for the Christmas, and a colorful vernal for the Easter.
If you want your reception to looks like a painting that balances and jails the look, while calms down your guests, we will always have a unique idea only for you.


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