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It is in fashion getting married in an island. It is more romantic, can combine vacations and having your favourite friends together, while parting without restriction in terms of time, and music volume. Another benefit in choosing an island for the wedding is that you can avoid having to many guests that due to the expenses and the transfer; therefore you can do something more economically sound and personal.
Of course this is not possible if you come from the island. Then guests will be much more than in Athens.
In terms of the aesthetic part you have many choices, as long as the decoration company is from Athens. Unfortunately in most islands there are only some flower shops in limited capability, so the possibility to find a decorator is minimal, and the ideas will not really be creative.
A wedding planning company will help you to avoid pitfalls, and shall also make sure things go easier.
Another advantage is in terms of rain but no one can ensure you about the wind.
It needs a lot of thought before the final decision.


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