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"I think that some years ago, Madonna reportedly said: "You can tell how much fun a city is going to be, if Nobu has a restaurant in it”.

"Nobu" or "Matsuhisa" is more than an international restaurant chain. In a unique way, they achieve for a lot of years, to combine gourmet recipes with the cosmopolitanism and the trendy element."

All the above is a part of one of the hundreds articles that have been written from 2008 up to date for the famous "Matsuhisa" restaurant at the Astrir Palace Vouliagmeni.

Mona Lisa decor is responsible for the weekly decoration of the restaurant.
Minimal suggestions with the suitable colour combinations, in order to maintain the calm and the proper flow of energy in the venue.

At the link below you can enjoy the aesthetic of the "Matsuhisa" restaurant in Athens.

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