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An alternative journey at the area of Kalabaka-Meteora

Combine you reception with a 3-day trip in the mountain, full of activities and accommodation in a tower hotel made by sculpted stone.
Proposed journey:
-2 nights
-2 dinners served at the hotel's restaurant
-A tour by Jeep 4x4 where you will visit traditional villages, the royal forest and the monasteries of the region.

Price per person: 225 +VAT 19%

In every tour are including:
1.Special vehicles with intercommunication
3.Hot drinks made by herbs, honey and cookies
4.Program of the tour as it is described
6.Auxiliary equipment (drugstore, binoculars, wireless, plastic glasses of water etc.)

Details & Facilities of the Hotel:

It has been made by a sculpted stone , in the same way that the famous made of stone mansions were built during the period 1771-1820, in the area of Aspropotamos. The roof is also made by plaque and hewing with the drawing of a scale, like in the old good times. Painters and art restorers have edited the colours of the walls and the wooden ceilings by using antiquated techniques.

In the comfortable lounge of the Hotel, there is a bar where the visitor can taste the amazing local liquers, made by dogwood berries, forest blackberries, nut or black cherry. In the communal areas there are playroom, presentations hall with capacity of 40 people and the amfitheatre with 130 seats, which impresses for its entire construction.
The restaurant of the Hotel has capacity of 130 prs and his traditional cuisine, offers in the visitors unique local flavours.

Internal and external swimming pool. The external pool it seems to invite you to spend the day or night, relaxing beside or in the water. and has capacity of 2000 prs.

Extra possibilities of excursions:
-Canoe, kayak and rafting at Acheloos river
-Mountain bike

At your disposal for any further clarification

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